Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder (2 PCS/SET)
>>> FREE SHIPPINGThe Better. FasterWay To HoldTabs In PlaceFor WeldingWe BELIEVEa good worker. with good tools. can make a difference.Work on small welding projects can be difficult. special with small shapes like round. square and flat. pipes...etc. Normally. when you...
$45.98 $22.99
Dovetail Marker
The Dovetail joint is the most satisfying joint to look at among all the woodworking joints. it has a unique cross-section that holds the joint firm and steady. Although patient and skills are the keys to make a perfect dovetail...
$35.99 $17.99
Detachable Rivet Gun Drill Adapter
MULTI FUNCTIONAL DETACHABLE RIVET GUN IS NOW HERE!Want to drill and pull rivets more quickly and effortlessly? The Detachable Rivet Gun. which works with the electric drill. is a high-quality professional tool used to fasten all kinds of sheet metal....
$47.99 $23.99
  • Dark Blue
  • Black
Professional Wood Burning Set
Set Free Your Creativity!Woodburningis bigger than ever and people are going crazy about this set for a good reason. Everything you need is included. whether you are already a pro or just starting out with your art.Stencils guide you to...
$65.99 $32.99
Slope Horizontal Vertical Angle Bevel Protractor Declinometer
FEATURES: Back angle and slope comparison table for easy comparison. Double-circle fluorescent blisters with high strength and easy to use. Precision indicator. clear dial. accurate measurement. The handle is user-friendly. comfortable to hold and easy to use. Suitable for measurement...
$43.98 $21.99
Hot Ironing Ruler
Accurate pressing is one of the most important parts of the construction process. Having a tool that holds precise. narrow folds and clean angles is critical. And. if that tool allows you to do that without your fingers getting dangerously...
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